Joker 2: The creators plan for the sequel

 With Joker director Todd Phillips landed a real movie hit. Now you think about the plans for a sequel. How would a sequel look to the gritty DC movie? Phillips himself answered. In an interview, the director revealed how he imagines the successor. The success of Joker can not be denied: Shortly, the DC movie to crack the $ 1 billion mark. Apparently, there are almost endless possibilities to continue the story of Arthur Fleck. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Phillips made it clear that concrete work on a sequel is not yet officially in progress. At the same time, the star director also revealed possible plans for the future.
In any case, the filmmaker would not be quite averse to a sequel. But there are some conditions for the plot: "It could not be just this wild and crazy movie about the clown prince of the crime," Phillips said. Together with Scott Silver he wrote the script and knows which direction he would go.
Ultimately, it is about following in the footsteps of the original: "He would somehow come up with a similar thematic resonance as this film, because I think, after all, that's why the film unites, it's about what happens beneath the surface So many movies are about the spark and it's about gunpowder, so if you could really capture that again, it would be interesting. "
In mid-September, Phillips told IGN that Joker was to become a stand-alone movie. Whether we'll get a sequel anyway is still in the stars. Unfortunately we can not expect a crossover with Matt Reeves coming The Batman. At the request of Variety, Phillips gave the idea a clear rejection. Would you like a joker sequel?

Sources: Los Angeles Times, IGN, Variety

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