Kevin Alone To House 2019: This is the FSK 18 version

 Kevin alone At home in the comedy genre is a true classic. Little Kevin makes life difficult for some burglars in his home. But since this is a comedy for the whole family, the scenes are still very harmless. The Youtubern Corridor was too child friendly and that's why they've completely reworked some scenes. Here you can see how they have turned Kevin Alone At Home into a brutal horror version. In the 90s Kevin was alone at home an absolute big hit. The comedy revolves around little Kevin, who is forgotten by his family at Christmas and has to defend the house against two burglars. The movie grossed over $ 500 million. Not bad, considering that the strip cost just 15 million dollars. Part 2 could hardly tie it up and neither actor Macaulay Culkin, nor the other sequels, could approach approximately to the success of the original. What still remains is a funny cult movie, which is broadcasted especially on Christmas TV.
It's exactly this comedy that the special effects experts at Corridor have set for themselves. The Youtubers have plenty of experience in the field and have become known through their creative videos. Recently, the question arose as to how Kevin alone would look Home 18 years. Without further ado, they have now replaced tame scenes from the original with new FSK 18 versions.
The small, innocent Kevin quickly becomes a brutal killing machine. First, he brutalizes his own family before luring new victims into his home. In this case, guests who only wanted to spend the night there to visit the Twin Brothers Convention the next day. This explains the double Marvs and Harry's, who in the original still had the role of burglars. One thing is already clear: If the movie had appeared in this version in the cinema, he would now rather run on Halloween.
You want to watch the FSK-18 version of Kevin Alone At Home? Then check out our video player below this text. Click there to see the version of Corridor.

Source: Youtube

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