Knives Out: Cinema Crime in Agatha Christie Style Shows First Trailer

 Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) is dead! And not only that Рthe renowned crime writer and family patriarch was killed at the celebration of his 85th birthday. But of course, neither the assembled eccentric relatives nor the loyal house staff want to have seen anything. A case for Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig)! The casual-elegant commissioner begins his investigation and while all the guests present are anything but cooperative, the situation is getting worse and mistrust among them is growing. A complex web of lies, false tracks, and diversionary maneuvers needs to be combed through to expose the truth behind Thrombey's premature death.
An extravagant family, a charming mysterious investigator and numerous surprising twists – KNIVES OUT – MURDER IS FAMILY SENSE is a terrific cinema experience! A high-profile crime comedy starring "James Bond" Daniel Craig and "Avengers" star Chris Evans starring Jamie Lee Curtis ("Halloween"), Toni Colette ("Little Miss Sunshine"), Michael Shannon ("The Shape of Water – The Whispering of the Water "), Don Johnson (" Book Club "), Christopher Plummer (" Blindness "), Katherine Langford (" Dead Girls Do not Lie ") and Ana de Armas (" Blade Runner 2049 "). Rian Johnson ("Star Wars – Episode VIII: The Last Jedi", "Looper") wrote the script and directed it. Theatrical release: 02. January 2020.

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