Lindsay Hoyle: New Sub-House Speaker Replaces John Bercow -Video

Inaugural address of the new sub-house speaker
"Do not clap!"

05.11.2019, 11:08 clock – As for the popularity of the audience, Lindsay Hoyle has already filled big footsteps: The newly elected successor of "Order!" – Speaker John Bercow made a moving inaugural speech. The video.


Recommendations for the video

                John Bercow in video portrait:
                        The "Speaker" leaves the stage

                The rituals of the British House of Commons:
                        "Order, Ooorder!"

                Goodbye, Mr Speaker:
                        Farewell to the Johnson Bender

                House Speaker Bercow:
                        The Brexit star in civilian clothes

                British Commons:
                        Riots at last session before compulsory break

                State of the Union:
                        Nancy Pelosi and the "F *** – you-clapping"

                United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum poker:
                        We postpone leaving the EU if …

                Dramatic Brexit debate in the lower house:
                        Johnson loses against no-deal opponents

                Surveillance in China:
                        Two steps – and the software knows who you are

                House Speaker John Bercow:
                        The only winner

                        41 migrants freed from refrigerated lorries

                Trump's Brexit Tips:
                        "Nigel and Boris should join forces"


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