Lord of the Rings Series: These are the new main characters

 More and more details about the upcoming Mr. Der Ringe series come to light. Amazon is currently looking for actors to form the cast of the fantasy offshoot. Now some auditions have been discovered for characters that will be re-appearing in the series. The Lord of the Rings series from Amazon seems to be still a long way off. But the work is slowly gaining momentum. The shipping giant has also made a lot. Meanwhile, it seems clear that you want to shoot one of the biggest series of all time. This is supported by the massive budget of supposedly 1 billion US dollars. A second season has already been confirmed before filming started.
The casting is now taking shape more and more. The first actors were found now. Auditions for the first new characters have surfaced, according to Redanian Intelligence. So far, it was not known at the big casting, which individual figures of the series are there. The scenes are likely to be as usual in auditions no dialogues from the series. They serve solely the purpose of establishing the character. Actors who have not received the role often upload videos of these scenes.
The first figure is Brac. He is referred to as the "irascible and cheeky half of a dramatic duo." So far, there have been two scenes of him that probably have a past war as background. The focus is especially on the people of the Númenórer, who occupied at the time of the series Minhiriath and Enedwaith.
Kari was next introduced. She is an "independent single mother and village healer with a secret." In her scenes, she talks to a man named Everad. He seems to be her lover who came to the country as a soldier. Everad himself speaks of a "long rebellion" that took place here "a long time ago". Kari's people thus seem to have led uprisings against the Númenórer in the past.
Loda is described as a "pithy guy who does not just open his feelings". He seems to love his daughter very much but has a very complicated relationship with his son. The last to be called Hamsom, a "friendly and loving father with health problems." That's what his scene is about: he talks to his wife, she's worried that he will not survive the next winter.

Source: Redanian Intelligence

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