Lucifer Season 5: A Series Plays in Alternative Universe

 In the fifth and final season of Lucifer, we have to say goodbye to the devil. But before that, fans of the King of Hell await one last farewell. A very special musical highlight should give the series a dignified conclusion. Here you can find out what the creators have planned for the very last episode of Lucifer. Already in August it became known that a possible musical episode for Lucifer was in planning. This would give the fifth and last season of the series a special memory. Now we finally have certainty, because Lucifer star Tom Ellis talked about it in an interview. An episode of Season 5 is set up entirely as a musical, he confirmed to Entertainment Tonight. The special episode should play in an alternative universe. It takes us on a journey into the 1940s. In keeping with the times, the episode is completely shot in black and white.
On the side of Ellis we also see co-star Lesley-Ann Brandt. Together they should sing an absolute classic of the time period. The actor did not want to reveal which piece it is. In addition to Ellis and Brandt but we get even more characters to face. First pictures already show that Lucifer will once again swing behind the piano. Fans know his talent with the instrument, of course, from previous episodes. Also in the finale of season 4 surprised the makers with a spontaneous dance.
Ellis now revealed how important music has become for the show: "It's always fun to shoot the musical stuff, it was a beautiful element that started in season 1. And somehow we stayed with it, the nice thing is that Lucifer is today no longer singing alone. " His future duet partner Lesley-Ann Brandt talked about the piece the two will sing: "It's a beautiful interpretation of one of my favorite songs and a classic with incredible American vocals, and I think fans will be very happy about this duet. "
Anyway, we're curious to see what the musical episode will sound like. The 5th and final season of Lucifer is expected to start in spring 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. There you will also find the first 4 seasons of the hit series.
Source: Entertainment Tonight

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