Lucifer Season 5: Netflix splits the finale

 The fact that the mystery series Lucifer would end after the fifth season, dismays for some time the fans. But the fifth season will be special for this. Not only the length becomes extraordinary, but also the way of publication. Lucifer has a colorful past behind him. After Fox dropped the series after the third season, the fans and spectators of the series went on the barricades. Through protests and petitions on the Internet, streaming service Netflix became aware of the still large fan base and acquired the rights to the project. The fourth season was then produced by Netflix and broadcast there outside Germany. In Germany, Amazon Prime Video still has the rights to broadcast Lucifer. When things got quiet around Lucifer after the fourth season, the fans started signing petitions again. But then it was announced that a fifth season will be released. However, the following euphoria of the fans was a damper, as the fifth season will complete the series.
For the series finale, but the makers have come up with something again. In addition to the best in terms of content in the series, as the makers called them, the charisma also becomes unusual. So the final season of the series will have 16 instead of the usual 10 episodes and also the publication will not run as usual. As Lucifer actor Tom Ellis now revealed in an interview, the season will be broadcast in half. Netflix will release only eight episodes and after a short break will continue with the second half. How long this short break will be is not yet clear.
In general, it is not yet sure when the fifth season Lucifer will be released. In 2020, the season should start, but when exactly, no one really knows. However, it is certain that fans of the series are expecting a gigantic finale.

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