Lucifer Season 5: New picture shows visit to hell

 With high pressure Netflix is ​​currently working on the fifth season of Lucifer. So that the grand finale is really good, the makers are planning several big surprises. For example, an episode is to be shot in black and white and as a musical. But even a trip to hell may not be missing. According to a new picture there should even be a meeting that will please fans. With the fourth season, Netflix has taken over the release of Lucifer. The fifth season should end the hellish crime series but then. In Germany, this will then run again on Amazon Prime Video. At the moment shooting is in full swing and there are already some impressions of the set. Now, the first real scene images are gradually released.
On one of them we see an enigmatic snapshot, which should be important for the plot. There we see Lucifer's brother Amenadiel, who is in an unexplained place. His performer D.B. Woodside told Entertainment Weekly what the picture means. In the scene pictured, the angel Lucifer seems to pay a visit. You can see the picture further down on this page.
To keep the rebellious demons under control, the helllord's heavy love left Chloe at the end of season four. He subsequently climbed the throne of the underworld again. Of course, this will not be a permanent state in the fifth season. And of course it could be Amenadiel who moves his brother back to Earth. The fact that Amenadiel not only pops by for a coffee party, should be clear. It must be an important meeting, as Woodside reveals in the interview: "Something is happening on Earth that Amenadiel can not handle alone."
We expect the angel to somehow persuade the devil to return to Earth. After all, despite some difficulties, the two did not hang in the end. Netflix and Amazon will release the first eight episodes of the 16-part Fifth Lucifer season later this year. The second half will probably follow a few months later.
Source: Entertainment Weekly

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