Mannheim: Man flew to the Philippines to abuse girls – now he is in court

Wednesday, 06.11.2019
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Johann R. enters the district court Mannheim as a free man. This is amazing when you hear what Prosecutor Tina Haltrich reproaches him with: he found in the Darknet for his pedophile inclination willing enforcers in the Philippines, the Australian Peter S. and his Filipino partner Liezyl M. The couple made extremely violent videos abuse, possibly also with the help of the total $ 7,729.05, which Johann R. transferred.


According to the indictment, Johann R. also flew twice to the Philippines between November 2012 and May 2013 in order to abuse even minors. The couple led him there a 13-year-old girl, stunned it with Valium and put it at his disposal. Johann R. forgot about the girl as well as an eleven-year-old, photographed his actions, had himself filmed and also transferred money to buy an excavator. With this, the couple allegedly wanted to build an underground dungeon, in which children should be imprisoned and abused.

While the prosecutor extensively submits the allegations, the accused cries. Johann R. is an inconspicuous man in a gray-blue shirt, 44 years old, who never worked in his life. He said he was a "privateer," he said, living on the rental income of the 27 apartments his mother had inherited. He briefly describes his career in court. When it comes to his private life, the public is excluded.

"He knows he will be punished"

  His defender Steffen Lindberg explains that Johann R. blames all allegations "comprehensively and without restriction". His client regretted his misconduct, he wanted to apologize and take the responsibility. "He knows he will be punished," says Lindberg.


Johann R. was targeted by the investigators after his contacts in the Philippines had flown. First, the Central Office for Combating Cybercrime as part of the Attorney General Frankfurt concentrated together with the Federal Criminal Investigation Office on the case. One morning in early July 2016, Johann R. was arrested at his home and placed in custody.

  He stayed there for less than four weeks. His lawyer filed a petition for detention, the district court Gießen overturned the arrest warrant on 3 August 2016, handed the case to the public prosecutor's office in Mannheim. Since then Johann R. is a free man. Why? "He cooperated extensively with the investigative authorities and provided information," explains Lindberg. That's the reason for the prosecutor.

  And why did it take more than three years to start the process? "From our point of view, both at the public prosecutor's office in Mannheim as well as at the district court to illegal state delays," says defender Lindberg. This was not to blame anyone, but a consequence of the "work overload and staff shortage".


The delay will affect the sentence, Lindberg is convinced. "If that does not suit you, you should think about the number of posts in state justice and their pay."

He has to report regularly to the police

  In the past three years, Johann R. had to meet requirements. He has reported to the police 402 times since his arrest, he says. "I have not missed a single time."

  Defender Lindberg emphasizes that Johann R. did not want to support the production of child pornography with his money, but only wanted to build trust in the couple. It was unclear to what extent of his payment had flowed into the production of a particularly inhuman film with a toddler.

  Johann R. had wanted to have conveyed from the couple in the Philippines a girl, which corresponded to his preferences. The prosecutor is convinced that he wanted to be with a girl between 11 and 13 years old.


For almost 15 years, Johann R. lived in a committed relationship, planning his own family. What the relationship broke, the presiding judge Michael Pfau wants to know. Johann R. does not hesitate for long. "I wanted something younger."

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