MaPa: Joyn turns first German SadCom

 How does single parenting work? The new Joyn original "MaPa" with Max Mauff in the lead role tells of all facets of this question: the endless, sleepless nights, the balancing act between child and work, the new interpersonal relationships with friends and family, the clichés with which one lives in everyday life but also the infinite love for one's own child. The Sadcom, which is currently being filmed in Berlin, is a loving homage to all single mothers and fathers who give their best every day. "MaPa" tells tragicomic stories from the life of a young man, his partner from one day to the next and the mother loses his one-year-old daughter. Metin Müller (Max Mauff) struggles more and more with his everyday life as a single parent. To make matters worse, his mother tries to stubbornly back into his life. The tone of Sadcom is always honest, like life: sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes dramatic, sometimes completely over-excited. The series is a collection of touching-absurd episodes in which the big questions of life are asked: What is this modern man actually? Can daddy be mom too? And how the hell do parents do it all?
Katja Hofem, Co-Managing Director Joyn: "For our Joyn Originals we are looking for local stories that our viewers can identify with." "Parents are an important part of our society and we want them to be at the center with an authentic and emotional story That's why 'MaPa' feels so real and hits the heart. "
Produced is the six-part Sadcom of Readymade Films, producer is Laura Bull, directed by Jano Ben Chaabane, Tobias Koppe takes over the image design. Head author and creator of the series is Alexander Lindh. Other screenplays are by Laura Bull, Jano Ben Chaabane, Luisa Hardenberg, Daniel Hendler and Donna Sharpe. The Berlin-based series is a co-production by Joyn with Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) and is sponsored by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. "MaPa" is expected to be available in the first half of 2020 on the Joyn streaming platform.

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