Marie catches fire: New episodes start on ZDF

 The next broadcasts of episodes 9 and 10 of MARIE FÄNGT FEUER are coming – as always on Sundays at 20:15 on ZDF. Episode 9 deals with an important topic, as Marie's girlfriend Angie is confronted with a stalker. The problems of stalking and the helplessness of the victims are addressed in a sensitive and startling way. Episode 9 "All or nothing" on 17.11 .: Marie is confronted with a very serious topic: Her friend Angie is stalked. After the volunteer fire department has freed a man from his car, he becomes a threat to his savior, Since the police Angie can not help, Marie mobilizes her friends to give her a sense of security. But even the night watch of Marco and Gerhard can not stop the stalker. And the situation threatens to escalate. Completely surprisingly, Marie gets a job offer: She is to set up a citizen consultation in Weilheim. The commitment Marie is not easy, since the situation is still so strained with Stefan, that Max and Daniel prefer to move to Philipp.
Episode 10 "The brave is the world" on 24.11 .: Marie is the new head of the Bürgersprechstunde in Weilheim. Already on the first day she has to stand by an old guilty friend. This is just separated from her violent husband, including the joint son Rudi, who can not believe the allegations against his father suffers. Marie is working with Max to help the boy, but everything is developing differently than expected. Ernst and Irene celebrate their wedding day with a motorbike tour, Marie takes care of a guest in her parents' room. She is happy to find a little distance. But she knows what she has on Stefan and they will not give up.
"Marie catches fire" on ZDF
Episode 9: Sunday, November 17, from 20:15
Episode 10: Sunday, November 24, starting at 8:15 pm

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