"Mario Barth & Friends": New comedy show on RTL

Sunday, 24.11.2019
12:14 clock

One can not imagine this flatulence foul enough. This intestinal storm must have been epochal bubbling, because Mario Barth still has to tell about it after 16 years. As the opening number for his new stand-up format "Mario Barth & Friends", which tests RTL in four episodes, he served an old fecal-unappetizing from his program of 2003, the joke is based solely on the fact that someone has to grow up.


Previously, Barth (in the "bread can mold, what can you do?" Shirt) said in the usual redundancy, this show was "something completely new", an offer that will entertain people at home "finally" again – it belongs Just a good dose of chutzpah, then just unpack the old Kotnot number again. Or was not that bumless recycling, but a profound meta-confession, so literally meant: Look, haha, I tell you the same kack for twenty years?

The only woman of the evening stands behind the counter

The idea behind Barth's new late Saturday evening format: He invites four guests in each episode, three established colleagues and a newcomer, each of whom delivers a short standup and then sits with him at the stage bar. Behind the counter is silent and deco Fleur, the only woman of the evening – that the people who think up something like this, do not even mean stupid, is the only thing that still wonders.

  In a single player, Barth then picks up his old acquaintance Paul Panzer, who seems to be very proud of his joke replacement, Greta Thunberg, "Greta Tunfisch" because he'll bring him back to the bar later. Barth meanwhile sets the tone for his sweat-humorous buddy round and asks Panzer whether he shaves "the bag": In the past, he only needed five minutes for this task, "today you need two friends who keep him quiet."

Apparently spontaneous buddy-joking

After Panzer comes Chris Tall, whose only potential for tension has long been exhausted, whether he will ever perform an appearance that will get along without "Hihi, I'm fat" joke. At least that's not going to happen this evening. His standup is essentially about burning your palate with hot food. Because you're a fat pig, just like me, that's a fact, "people joke about having sex with animals in the country by default, and you definitely can schonmal forgive a Bambi.

  Kaya Yanar then imitates the background noise of a woman who puts on makeup for three hours, Maxi Gstettenbauer shows how he almost suffocates when his wife is covering him up. It's the funnier moments of the show, while the seemingly spontaneous buddy buddies at the bar only cause everyone to mess up, Chris Tall reports on age-related turf and Paul Panzer explains that Kaya Yanar does not tolerate alcohol, "such a Chinezze . " Nice that Mario Barth has friends. At their next meeting you do not want to disturb them.

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