Mayan's MC: Will Season 3 of the Motorcycle Series Be

 The drama series Sons Of Anarchy could inspire many fans for the fictitious motorcycle club. The massive success meant that serial-maker Kurt Sutter quickly made a spin-off. Therefore, the day after the 10th anniversary of Sons of Anarchy, the offshoot Mayans MC was launched. Although Kurt Sutter is no longer involved in the series now. As it turns out, an end is still not in sight. But when does Season 3 of the Motorcycle series come in? For seven years, Kurt Sutter produced a series of biker series Sons Of Anarchy that was watched by audiences around the world. The story of Jax Teller finally came to an end in 2014. Four years later, the Golden Globe-winning series with Mayans M.C. a much-anticipated spin-off. Kurt Sutter also worked on this. Over time, however, he was struck by swipes at Studio Disney and questionable behavior on the set. The mother station FX then parted with Sutter, who probably no longer wanted to be a show runner anymore. The long-standing partnership had to end so very dirty. Nevertheless, the biker series remains on track for success.
Mayans will be extended after Season 2, namely for at least one more season. FX program director Nick Grad looks forward to Mayans M.C. to be able to continue. Instead of Sutter, Elgin James now takes over the Showrunner tax. James has been in the series since the beginning, delivering the screenplays right from the start, and even staging the first episode. Grad is pleased with the decision: "We are delighted that Elgin James has the opportunity to become a showrunner, and he has been instrumental in the success of the series, bringing with him his experience and vision."
We still have an exact start date for Season 3 by Mayan M.C. guilty. The first two seasons started each on the first Tuesday in September 2018 and 2019. If you stick to this concept, Season 3 would therefore celebrate its premiere on September 1, 2020. The new episodes can then be purchased again via streaming platforms such as Amazon.

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