Messi, Yoga and Inter Milan

David Abraham has been allowed to report extensively on his footballer life at the start of the DFB sports court hearing because of his seven-week ban. In addition, presiding judge Hans E. Lorenz demanded the captain of the Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt – "to get warm," as he explained in the headquarters of the German Football Association. The 68-year-old also inquired on Tuesday after Abraham's assessment of his former teammate Lionel Messi.

"Was he that good already?" Lorenz asked. Abraham and superstar Messi were part of Argentina's U20 team, which became world champion in 2005. Lorenz also said to Abraham, "Somewhere I read that you are the friendliest calf biter in the Bundesliga." The 33-year-old responded well with a "Si". His Frankfurt club had filed an appeal against the seven-week ban. Abraham had overturned his coach Christian Streich on the sideline in the match at SC Freiburg on November 10. Other comments from the negotiation in the overview: "He certainly knows more about himself than we all." (The sports court chairman Hans E. Lorenz to the request of lawyer Christoph Schickhardt, after which David Abraham wants to introduce himself) "You belonged to the Argentine team, the U20 World Champion was there Messi was there? Was that already so good?" (Lorenz to Abraham.) "Are you in the same WhatsApp group?" (Lorenz's question to Abraham about connecting with Vincenzo Grifo) "Somewhere I read that you are the 'friendliest calf biter in the league' …" (Lorenz to Abraham) "My dad gave me a lecture for five minutes try to defend me. " (Abraham on the family implications of his action against Christian Streich) "And he is not a child of sadness …" (Lorenz on Sandro Wagner, who has already clashed with Abraham) "You are a fan of Inter Milan? Why have you? not played yet? " (Lorenz zu Grifo) "Did you see that?" (Lorenz on the performance of Grifo, after which he gets on well with his former team-mate Abraham) "Are you telling us that you accidentally kicked him?" (Lorenz on Abraham's statement that he had unconsciously overturned Prank) "Fairytale Lesson." (The Audit Committee Chairman Anton Nachreiner on the submissions of Grifo and Abraham) "You are so defensive, Mr. Nachreiner." (Lorenz to the Chairman of the Audit Committee) "I listen to this calmly and doubt that the verdicts can stay that way." (Nachreiner, who makes his displeasure clear) "Dear not." (The phone-on prank on the testimony of Lorenz, after which it would be time for his premiere before the sports court) "I have been doing yoga for many years." (Prank on his statement that he was not hurt) "I've had enough for a long time." (Nachreiner to the question of Lorenz, whether the video images shown enough)

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