Mindhunter Season 3: Launch on Netflix

 In the Netflix series Mindhunter, the hunt for serial killers goes into the next round. Between season 1 and 2 were two years waiting time. As it has now become known, we will have to be even more patient for the third season. But at least there is a very good reason. For many, Mindhunter is currently among the best series Netflix has to offer. The first season started in October 2017 and set off a spectacular start. The successor was also able to inspire spectators around the world. That a third season would come so was hardly worth discussing. However, as it turns out, it will be a while before the new episodes appear.
This time, two years break will not be enough. Leading actor Jonathan Groff revealed the reason in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Series creator David Fincher is currently working on his Netflix movie Mank. Only when this is completed could work on the new Mindhunter season begin.
As one speculates in The Playlist, Mank could appear in late 2020. The film could be sent into the race for an Oscar. The first work on new episodes Fincher could then begin in 2021 at the earliest. With the third season of the series is therefore probably only the beginning of 2022 to be expected. Although Netflix has not officially confirmed the next season, it speaks for everything. After all, Fincher has already announced that he plans a total of five squadrons.
In addition, the action ended in the second season completely open. For example, there is the mysterious murderer whom we met in the first season and who repeatedly appeared in a story told in parallel. Will his identity be clarified in the next episodes? In any case, we are curious to see which direction Mindhunter will take in the future.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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