Netflix deletes these films and series as late as November

 Soon, several titles disappear from the Netflix offer. Among them are some well-known films and series, such as Disney's Welcome to Gravity Falls. So that you are well informed, we have put them all together for you. Here you can find the complete overview of the movies and series that Netfix will delete in November. Netflix cleans up again: in the coming days and weeks many films and series disappear from the offer. Among them is one of the most popular Disney series Welcome to Gravity Falls. Even an Avengers series must soon separate from the streaming giant.
In total, 27 films and series of these days disappeared or disappeared at Netflix. These include John Landis iconic comedy Blues Brothers with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, the ghost movie Casper and Stanley Kubrick's history epic Spartacus. On the serial side, science fiction friends (Ascension), crime fans (River, The Bridge – America) and anime supporters (such as Digimon Fusion and Yu-Gi-Oh! We give you the overall overview:
From 21.11. no longer with Netflix:
Start my day
Bed and bath
Billy Bam Bam
Charlie and the numbers
The giant beetle gang
Songs and rhymes
Singing and dancing
Sticker with Mick
The Bridge – America
From 22.11. no longer with Netflix:
From 30.11. no longer with Netflix:
Digimon Fusion
Sarah Wiener, One week under …
From 09.12. no longer with Netflix:
From 11.12. no longer at Netflix: feasting with Gérard Depardieu
From 12.12. No more at Netflix: The Avengers – The Most Powerful Heroes in the World
Disney's Phineas and Ferb
Disney's Mickey Mouse Magic House
S3 – Strong, fast, smart
Soy Luna
Welcome to Gravity Falls
Source: Netflix

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