Netflix vs Amazon Video: Which streaming service is better?

 It's not that easy to opt for a streaming service these days. There are so many providers that you quickly lose track. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are currently the most popular. But which of the two can shine with better offers and costs? We introduce you to the comparison and reveal what is more worthwhile. Probably the biggest difference between the two services is that Netflix only offers the titles that are included in the monthly flatrate. Amazon, however, also has a huge range of series and films, which goes beyond. This will allow you to borrow many more titles for either 30 days or permanently. The cost ranges from 99 cents for lei titles to 16.99 euros for permanent purchase. How many titles Amazon actually offers is not exactly defined. But there are more than the 2733 films and 1219 series Netflix is ​​currently streaming in Germany.
As far as series are concerned, Netflix is ​​likely to be in the lead. This is mainly because the company has some strong in-house productions in store. House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black were only a few years ago. Over time, other titles such as Stranger Things, The Crown, House of Money, Dark and Black Mirror have been added. Not only did they bring in a lot of money to the company, they also have many enthusiastic viewers around the world.
Amazon Prime Video, on the other hand, had less success with self-produced series. Projects like You Are Wanted, The Tick or Philip K. Dicks Electric Dreams could not last long. There are exceptions like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Fleabag, Homecoming or Good Omens. These are also considered favorites among many critics and spectators. Still, they can barely keep up with the popularity of the Netflix competition.
If you take a look at the film offer, Amazon has the edge again. Especially films from the last millennium you can find here much more. There are a variety of films that differ greatly in quality. Netflix, on the other hand, tends to focus on big mainstream hits from the last couple of years. If you look at the general quality, both providers are about the same. 4K titles are present on both platforms.
Netflix prices are divided into three categories. For 7.99 euros a month you get the basic subscription, with all content in SD quality on a device can be played. With 11.99 euros a month you buy the standard subscription (HD quality, two devices at the same time). If you want more, put 15.99 euros for the premium subscription (Ultra HD, four devices) on the table. Amazon Prime Video, however, has a substantial offer of 69 euros annually, which corresponds to 5.75 euros a month.
Basically, the decision depends entirely on your own movie and series taste. It's best to just test both services and find out within the sample month which one suits you best. If you just look at the prices, Amazon's Prime Video streaming service is at the top. It must be remembered that many more benefits are included in the subscription of the shipping giant, which have nothing to do with the movies and streaming series.
In our video player, you will learn directly what to expect this month in Amazon Prime Video. Just click in to start the video.

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