Netflix wants to crack down on password sharing

 Netflix is ​​trying to make passing on access data more difficult with new plans. So far, this has been endorsed by the streaming platform for years. Now you want to proceed but especially against password sharing. For this purpose, the first measures are being worked out. What this means for users in the future, we tell you here. Among Netflix users it is already the most normal in the world. Your own access data will be shared with a friend, family member, roommates or even strangers. After all, a little compliment among one another can not hurt. As it turns out, the Netflix looks very different. The mega-corporation tries therefore with all means better to proceed against the password sharing.
Especially because of the high competition from other streaming providers, you are now paying more attention to potential customers. And of course they are lost if they use a password unlawfully instead. At the heart of the password-sharing attack is ACE, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. The ACE includes Netflix, Warner and Amazon as well as smaller companies like AMC and many other entertainment giants. Now, Allianz has created a working group dedicated exclusively to combating password parts.
What concrete actions are pending, you will not tell yet. The speech is so far only from so-called best practices. So you want to test what is reasonable for the customer and at the same time can bring tangible results for the company. Because the losses through the sharing are now enormous. It is believed that 14% of users perceive password sharing. More than a fifth of all young adults borrow passwords from people they do not live with.
So what can users expect in the future? We do not expect Netflix to impose severe punishments to curb the situation. Instead, you will probably work more on prevention techniques. How these make themselves felt remains to be seen.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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