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Today, it's about the approaching decision of the SPD chairman search, the CDU-processing of the ruptured Wendt transport in Saxony-Anhalt, the climate strike and the incredible entanglements of the Maltese government in a journalist murder.

The SPD countdown is on



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It will be over in a few hours. Only sleep once more, then the expectant world finally knows who should lead the SPD in the future. Briefly again the previous stations of the turbo selection process at a glance:

  2 June: Andrea Nahles resigns (the older ones will remember)
    June 24: The board decides the procedure
    1st of July to 1st of September: Application phase
    4 September to 12 October: Applicants introduce themselves at 23 basic conferences
    October 14 to 25: Member survey
    October 26: The result of the first member survey is announced – Klara Geywitz / Olaf Scholz and Saskia Esken / Norbert Walter-Borjans are ahead
    19th to 29th of November: One more member poll as runoff
  Today is the end. Today, the letters of the comrades must arrive in the Willy-Brandt-Haus, they should be taken into account in the vote. Members can vote online until midnight. Tomorrow's Saturday, the ballot result will be announced. Formally, the new leaders are still not determined, they must still be elected by the party congress on the weekend of Nicholas.

  And who will it be now? And what does that mean for the grand coalition? With predictions leading social democrats are extremely restrained. Surveys do not exist, one has at most "such a feeling". The duo Scholz / Geywitz is considered a favorite by many, but perhaps this is only due to the greater presence of the Minister of Finance and Vice Chancellor.

  Unity exists only in the expectation: There will be no very clear result. And that is exactly why there is great concern about a split in the party. The spirit of optimism that the SPD wanted to spark with the grassroots democratic process, which was actually felt in the first regional conferences, has certainly disappeared completely.

Case Wendt – CDU crisis meetings in Saxony-Anhalt


"Disaster, miserable, inferior to dilettantism, we destroy ourselves." This is a small selection of voices that have been heard in recent days from the CDU in Saxony-Anhalt about their own store. There is no reason for the contradiction.

  Minister of State Holger Stahlknecht (pictured) crashed with his daring plan to make the controversial police commander Rainer Wendt state secretary. The Kenya coalition shook, then the back, now head of state Stahlknecht and Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff are in front of a pile of rubble.

  Some wonder how Stahlknecht was able to provoke the SPD and the Greens, the others how he let Wendt fall so fast. And then it is still unclear whether he should have got the post at all – because of a disciplinary punishment from North Rhine-Westphalia.

  On Friday to be cleaned up: First, the parliamentary group meets for crisis meeting, later the party executive. Does Stahlknecht crash, who actually wanted to lead the CDU into the state election in 2021 as a top candidate? Does he have to hand over the party presidency, but can he remain Minister? Or the other way around? Nothing is impossible.

  The fact is: there is seething in the Saxony-Anhalt CDU. My colleague Timo Lehmann observes on Friday the Scherbengericht.

Again demos for more climate protection


At Greta Thunberg everyone can still work out wonderfully. A few examples from the last few days: At the CDU party congress, Friedrich Merz spares Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and prefers to bring in applause for attacks against Thunberg. The Internet shows a more than 120-year-old picture that shows children digging gold in Canada – a girl looks similar to Thunberg, which leads to the question: is the 16-year-old a time traveler? The German cabaret artist Dieter Nuhr makes Greta jokes, a newspaper writes that he compared them to Hitler and Stalin – Shitstorm, denial, sorry, great excitement.

That will probably continue for a while. Because the climate protection movement, which Greta Thunberg has initiated, does not let up. For this Friday, "Fridays for Future" have called again for the global day of action, in Hamburg, Berlin and many other cities want to demonstrate tens of thousands for more climate protection, before next week starts the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid. The fact that the protests are having an effect is also evident these days: on Thursday, the European Parliament symbolically declared the climate emergency. On Friday, the Federal Council will be dealing with the Climate Package of the Federal Government.

  Thunberg also wants to attend the climate conference in Madrid. If she makes it in time. She is still in the middle of the Atlantic, aboard the "La Vagabonde", with which she started in mid-November in Hampton, Virginia. It will probably be close to the start of the conference on 2 December – the sailing yacht lacks the wind. But the conference lasts eleven days. She should arrive there before the end.

Loser of the day … …


… … and not just this day is the government of Malta. It must be remembered: Malta is in the EU. But currently the island nation in the Mediterranean is very far away from European values. Two years ago, journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed in a car bomb attack in Malta. Again and again she had reported on corruption, money laundering and nepotism.

  Three men are in custody for the murder, but there was nothing in the search for the backers. Now a wealthy businessman was arrested, shortly thereafter Keith Schembri (pictured), previously Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Economic Affairs, every day new details of the murder plot are known. The assassination is a political scandal and menacingly approached head of government Joseph Muscat. He pretends to be ignorant, but one can hardly imagine that he will survive this quake politically.


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