Online Shopping: You Should Not Order These Products in China Better

Mini drones with camera, wireless headphones, fitness pools of all kinds:
Gadgets like these are already available on Chinese portals like AliExpress
few euros offered – in addition to endless amounts of jewelry, clothes,
Household appliances and toys. Shipping to Germany is often cheap
or even for free, the payment uncomplicated. Some providers even quote
Germanized versions of their offer pages on the net. Their language is often
bumpy, but the hurdle, sometimes just something from China to order, in the
Year 2019 as low as never. Not only in the field of technology, but especially
there are traps and hurdles in and over which one stumbles
can. Users report unprecedented packages, annoying visits to
Customs office, fire-prone or heavily counterfeit devices. So what should you know when you go to
for the first time on a Chinese trading platform – around 11.
November, Singles Day, a kind of online shopping holiday

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