Own home cinema for only 50 Euro

You think that having your own home theater is really expensive? Galileo proves that there is another way. For just 50 euros you should be able to tinker the private cinema. Of course, this claim is quite adventurous. Here you can see how the team have built the super cheap cinema. In the basement of a student flat, the project should become a reality. There are already some things that you can use for the cinema. Reporter Christian finds among other things an old monitor, amplifier and speakers. On the Internet, he buys an old overhead projector for 15 euros. In the liquor store he finds some boxes and disposable pallets for 6 euros, which are free. The rest he finds during a visit to the hardware store.
Wooden slats for 1.96 euros, adhesive tape for 3.20 euros, Styrofoam plates for 1.74 euros and finally red fabric for 21.94 euros. With these materials he is a total of 49.84 euros. This is the shopping completed and should be sufficient for the home theater. Back in the basement of the WG, Christian gets right to work. The red fabric comes with tackles on the two sofas. With the pallets you can even build a fabric so that the second sofa can look over the first one.
Now it goes with the wooden slats and a blanket to the canvas. The room is lined with black cloth to dampen the light. Then the lights and movie posters should not be missing. This is already a real cinematic feeling. For the sound, the speakers are connected to the amplifier. Now it comes to the most important part – The Beamer.
In fact, Christian uses the overhead projector and panel from an old laptop to create a good template. The panel is first placed with a little styrofoam soft and in a secure position. Finally, the screen is connected to the laptop by cable. The students are enthusiastic about the result. The home theater really works and has turned the basement into a real movie paradise.
Now look in our video player to see the full video. Simply click to start the video.

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