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 An old horror series is finally brought back to life. After a long creative break, they work again on the Paranormal Activity series. The new project is now the seventh part of the franchise. Apparently, the work is already well done. For Paranormal Activity 7 even an official theatrical release has been set. Finally the Paranormal Activity series continues after a long break. Six films have already produced the found footage horror. Ghost Dimension four years ago was supposed to mark the end. In the summer, however, the makers announced to turn on the bedroom and kitchen cameras again. The work on a seventh part had already begun.
Producer Jason Blum seems to be very serious this time. In conversation with the industry newspaper Deadline he revealed that the theatrical release of the horror shocker. Paranormal Activity 7 will be released on 19.03.2021 in the US cinemas. The previous films flushed a total of nearly a billion dollars. Thus, the brand should be profitable enough to continue it for the future. Jason Blum is already responsible for all predecessors. Also the Purge series and Get Out go to the account of the horror filmmaker.
Much is not yet known about the upcoming sequel. Details on actors, content or direction are therefore owed to us. Maybe the new Paranormal Activity could not even be a reboot. Several years ago, Blum hinted that the franchise could get a fresh start. Maybe it is also an independent spin-off as it was in Paranormal Activity: The subscribers was the case. Are you in the mood for a new Paranormal Activity?

Source: Deadline

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