Pirates of the Caribbean 6: New script in the making

 Salazar's revenge, by now the fifth curse of the Caribbean section, could hardly convince many fans. But now the franchise rudder is finally going to be torn up again. For this purpose, the currently hottest Hollywood author was brought on board. But it is not yet clear which future he has in mind for the film series. Are we getting Pirates of the Caribbean 6 or is there even a reboot now? The gigantic success of Pirates of the Caribbean can hardly be denied. Even the latest film Salazar's revenge was able to clean up despite moderate reviews. More than $ 750 million has been flushed through the blockbuster worldwide. Despite MCU, Star Wars and Co., Disney can not simply copy these numbers. Unfortunately, the traction of the films and also of the main actor Johnny Depp continues. Therefore, now a new author to push the film series with fresh wind on.
For this purpose, one of the most sought after authors was hired all over Hollywood. Craig Mazin was among others involved in movies like Scary Movie 3 or Voll ripped off. But he became really famous as the sole author of Chernobyl. The series about the nuclear power plant disaster is considered one of the best of the year. Mazin even cleared two Emmys in a row with her. With colleague Ted Elliot, Mazin is now to pave the way for a new future for Pirates of the Caribbean.
It is not yet known if the Disney executives have made their authors any concrete specifications. Of course, the most important thing is, of course, the question anyway: Should Johnny Depp necessarily come back or would a reboot without him be a stumbling Captain Jack Sparrow? After all, it is already known that producer Jerry Bruckheimer is back in the team. For a lot of action on high should hopefully be taken care of again.
Pirates of the Caribbean 6 or the new Reboot, is just on the way up. Therefore, it is still difficult to think about a possible launch date. But we do not expect a theatrical release before 2021, maybe even 2022. What would you think about a complete reboot of the series?
Source: Hollywood Reporter

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