Plate exchange: New cooking show starts on TV

 At the end of the year, SWR and NDR will be presenting the new cooking show "Tellerertausch". Four TV-known top chefs and cooks deliver weekly a fast-paced competition at the stove. In addition to presenter Johann Lafer, Judith Rakers and Marcel Reif will also be judges. Broadcast from 28 December 2019 on Saturdays at 17:15 on SWR television. Four chefs, four hotplates, four tasty dishes At the "plate exchange" (45 min.) Four cooks and cooks alternate with each other in front of the audience. You can see u. a. Nelson Müller, Cornelia Poletto, Caroline Autenrieth, Ali Güngörmüs and Sohyi Kim. They start simultaneously at four cooking zones. There are different ingredients ready to cook without a prescription. It's up to the pros to prepare a creative meal in just 35 minutes. Several times per show, Johann Lafer suddenly calls for a "plate exchange", and the revolving stage brings the cooks by chance to a new hotplate. Here they must take over the court of their opponents. In the end, each professional faces the jury with his final court. Juror is Marcel Reif, who receives support from Judith Rakers in a series. At the beginning of 2020, the format will also be on display as a weekly variation with amateur cooks in the SWR. Then Cornelia Poletto takes on the role of juror. The "plate exchange" is produced by the production company "Fernsehhmacher" in Hamburg.
Shipments "plate exchange":
Nine-piece series (SWR / NDR)
Of these four issues with the professional chefs
From 28.12.2019, 17:15 clock, every Saturday on SWR television
The issues in the NDR television run from Saturday, 21.12, also 17:15 clock
All episodes of "Plate exchange" are from 21.12. available in the ARD media library

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