Pokemon: New Series on Pikachu's Past

 Soon, Ash continues his endless journey to become a Pokemon Master. The new anime is not just about the adventurous trainer. Instead, you want to take the history of his squeaky-yellow partner under the microscope. Now loyal fans of the Pocket Monster are likely to ask: What details are being clarified in the new Pokemon series about Pikachu's past? Some time ago Ash fulfilled a big dream after 22 years. He finally managed to win a pokemon league. Of course that does not mean the end of his journey. In the new season, the adventures go into the next round. We not only get to know Ash's new companion, but also learn something about Pikachu's past.
A first trailer for the upcoming Pokemon-Anime already tunes us to the supply. It is particularly exciting that we are allowed to take a look at the beginning of the story. They put us in a time before Pikachu first meets his future coach and best friend Ash. As Crunchyroll reports, the first Pocket Monster episode is appropriately named Birth of Pikachu. The official synopsis states: "There was once a lonely Pichu in a forest somewhere in Kanto, and this Pichu, who was still quite young, had a certain encounter and farewell, just before Ash and his partner Pikachu began This is the beginning of the Anime Pocket Monster. "
This time, Ash is traveling with his new friend Go. Together, they not only visit part of the vast world, but several regions. Her adventure takes her from Ash's hometown of Kanto to Johto and Hoenn, all the way to the brand new Galar region, where never-before-seen Pokémon wait for our hero duo. It's even rumored that one of Ash's Pokemon is going to be a dad soon. On the first poster of the upcoming season is a small Glumanda to see, which could be the son of Ash Glurak. Pocket Monster launches on November 17, 2019 in Japan. A German launch date, the season has not yet.

Source: Crunchyroll

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