Pope Francis on financial scandal in the Vatican: "There were cases of corruption"

Wednesday, 27.11.2019
07:22 clock

Pope Francis commented on the scandal in the State Secretariat and in the financial supervision of the Papal State. "They have done things that do not seem clean," the pontiff said on the return flight from Tokyo to Rome on the ongoing investigation. "There were cases of corruption."


He emphasized that the case had been exposed "from the inside", not like other external scandals. "I am pleased that the administration in the Vatican has the ability to solve ugly things like this."

This is due to the transparency reforms of his predecessor Benedict XVI. become possible, so Francis. "Thank God, the Vatican control system works well."

Investigations against five employees

  These include funds from the so-called Peterspfennig – a collection that is collected every year in the churches worldwide for the Pope. The money is said to have been invested in luxury real estate in London, among other things, as announced in early October.

Around five employees of the Curia are being identified, including a State Secretary and the Director of the Vatican Financial Surveillance AIF, Tommaso Di Ruzza. All five were suspended from the service. Offices of the Vatican Secretariat of State were also searched.

Pope wants to appoint new CFO shortly

  The Vatican's internal auditor, Alessandro Cassinis Righini, had become aware of irregularities and informed the Pope. He then recommended to the examiner to turn on the prosecutor of the Papal State, said Francis. This had made more "obscure" discoveries and asked for permission to search five authorities in the Vatican. According to Francis, those suspected of corruption are to be heard within the next month.

  Because of the scandal, Francis had waived in mid-November on the extension of the term of the supreme Vatican financial supervisor René Brülhart. The AIF President had previously defended the then-in-charge Ministry Director Di Ruzza. It seems that the AIF has "not controlled the crimes of others", criticized the Pope, who claims to appoint a new president for oversight in the coming days.

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