Rabbit in the carrot field – No hooks too much – Riddle of the week

Sunday, 17.11.2019
20:51 clock

The hunger is great – and there are enough carrots. But the way to them is connected with many hooks. The hare would like to eat all 64 carrots that he discovered on a square field. The field is divided like a chessboard. In each of the 64 cells is exactly one carrot.


The hare enters the field from the right side over the fourth cell from below – see drawing. And he leaves the field over the cell below. The rabbit does not want to run diagonally across the field, but always parallel or perpendicular to the cell boundaries. To reach all 64 carrots, he has to turn several times at right angles. There is another obstacle: At the top left, between two cells, there is a small red fence over which the hare can not jump.


The drawing above shows a possible path across all 64 fields. The bunny bends a total of 20 times.

  Find a way in which the bunny has to hit as few hooks as possible!


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