Resident Evil 6: The Way to The Final Chapter

 Many think that the final chapter of Resident Evil 4: The Final Chapter might be over. The makers are far from finished with the franchise. That's why they are already working on bringing another video game to the big screen. In addition, already worked on a reboot of the old films. We reveal how it will continue in the future with Resident Evil. Resident Evil is considered one of the most successful series of computer game adaptations ever. Almost 1.2 billion flushed the adventures of the main character Alice (Milla Jovovich) at the box office worldwide. The franchise was terminated for the time being in 2017 with Resident Evil 6: The Last Chapter. But unlike the villains of video games, it does not stay dead long. That's why a reboot and a Netflix series are in the works.
Shortly after the release of the last chapter, the production company Constantin announced a reboot of Resident Evil. It should be even closer to the roots of video games, which are known to be in the horror genre. In addition, they even brought the expert and successful producer James Wan on board. Wan already had some experience through his work on Saw, Insidious and many other titles. But his involvement did not last long, so he and Constantin Film had to go their separate ways. For the director Johannes Roberts jumped in and confirmed in August 2019 a new part to Resident Evil.
There are also plans for a new Resident Evil series on Netflix. In it we dive even deeper into the mythology of the series. Especially the dark machinations of the evil Umbrella Company should be shown. The company is the hero's main enemy in games and movies. When we can expect the Resident Evil Reboot is still unclear.
Another key project for lead actress Milla Jovovich will be a film adaptation of the role-playing Monster Hunter. She plays a character named Artemis and has to fight alongside Tony Jaa against creatures from the game. Monster Hunter is expected to be released in autumn 2020 in Germany.

Source: Screen Rant

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