Rock Hard – AGNOSTIC FRONT: "Get Loud!" – Trailer about the "Big Four" of Hardcore is online


14.11.2019, 12:21

AGNOSTIC FRONT put their latest album "Get Loud!" with another trailer to the heart. In the video, the NYHC representatives talk about the so-called "Big Four" of hardcore.

Frontman Roger Miret personally took over the production of the longplayer "Get Loud!", While band mate Paul Miner took care of mixing and mastering at the Buzzbomb studio in Orange, California. The "Get Loud!" Tracklist: 1. Spray Painted Walls2. Anti Social3. Get Loud! 4. Conquer And Divide5. I remember6. Dead Silence7. AF Stomp8. Urban Decay9. Snitches Get Stitches10. Isolated11. In My Blood12. Attention13. Pull The Trigger14. Devastated


Author: Alexandra Michels

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