Rock Hard – BLIND GUARDIAN: 'War Feed War' video released


08.11.2019, 14:04

BLIND GUARDIAN TWILIGHT ORCHESTRA present a video for their song 'War Feeds War'.

BLIND GUARDIAN TWILIGHT ORCHESTRA celebrate the release of their album "Legacy Of The Dark Lands" with a brand new video clip for the song 'War Feeds War'. Singer Hansi Kürsch comments on the clip as follows: "Get ready: One, Two, Curtain up! Witness our first journey through the Dark Lands, with" War Feeds War "you'll get a first glimpse of who we're with during our journey short and very unpleasant short trip so everything got busy.The good news beforehand: We have returned safely and at just the right moment for today's release of "Legacy of the Dark Lands". Enjoy listening to this fantastic album and watching this glorious video. I can assure you, we had a lot of fun creating both. The journey has just begun. "The BLIND GUARDIAN TWILIGHT ORCHESTRA heads Hansi Kürsch & André Olbrich will today hold an exclusive autograph session from 5pm to 7pm at Saturn in Krefeld.


Author: Ronny Bittner

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