Rock Hard – FAITH NO MORE: Return to Live Activities Posted


26.11.2019, 20:03

FAITH NO MORE will be back with three first live events next year. The band will perform at the Irish Sunstroke Festival, the French Hellfest and the Norwegian Tons Of Rock.

FAITH NO MORE have announced three first concert dates for the coming year 2020 on their homepage. Previously, the band had started a countdown that expired at 8pm today. With that, the US alternative metallers return four years after their reunion album "Sol Invictus" and return to their live activities. The three announced live dates all refer to festivals: 13.06.2020 Punchestown, Ireland – Sunstroke Festival20.06.2020 Clisson, France – Hellfest26.06.2020 Oslo, Norway – Tons Of RockThis past year, FAITH NO MORE keyboarder Roddy Bottum had publicized that he and his band mates Mike Bordin and Billy Gould were already working on new music.


Author: Simon Bauer

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