Rock Hard – KING DIAMOND: 'Masquerade Of Madness' track in the stream


08.11.2019, 12:34

KING DIAMOND release 'Masquerade Of Madness' the first new song in 12 years.

The Heavy Metal band from Copenhagen, active since 1985, give you their brand new song 'Masquerade Of Madness' as an audio stream. The single will be released on KING DIAMOND's first studio album "The Institute" for 12 years, released in 2020 via Metal Blade Records. The last album, "Give Me Your Soul … Please", was made by the band, which consists of Swedish, Danish and American members, in 2007. Last March, frontman KING DIAMOND revealed to Full Metal Jackie Radio that his band's next album will be 'absolutely cruel'. The plot is … well, it's in a way I can not even put it in a single album, "he said," so it has to be over two albums. "(…)" For the moment, know I already know how the production for the next tour will develop after this tour, so of course, when we do the second part of this story, I already know how that ends, and I know how production will change and how it will end in a very, very big thing. So it's a long project, several years. Actually, the next three years will be very, very intense for us. There are many things in the planning. After registering with 5B (artist) management, many good things come out, bit by bit. We are getting a plan that will be fantastic for our fans for the next three years – something that will come what they would not expect, I think. So some very, very cool prospects. "


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