Rock Hard – MERCYFUL FATE: Bassist Timi Hansen dies

MERCYFUL-FATE bassist Timi Hansen has lost the fight against his cancer and died from the effects of the disease.

This is confirmed by band member KING DIAMOND through several channels of social media. His statement states, "I've just found out that I've lost one of my dearest friends, who has been fighting cancer for a long time, not only as my roommate on the early MERCYFUL FATE tours, but as well My favorite bassist of all time, I was fortunate to be able to visit him in his apartment with some other good friends, and we had a great afternoon that I will never forget.Then on 24th October I telephoned Timi for the last time I said that things had gotten tougher and harder than ever before, and yet he said, "We keep fighting." I feel so much sadness for his entire family, you have my deepest sympathy, peace and quiet, my dear friend. " METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich is also shocked by Instagram: "It makes me incredibly sad to hear the news of Timi Hansen's premature death." He was not only a close friend but also part of a musical force that has shaped METALLICA's sound, direction, and desire to be in a hard rock band. Timi was the original bassist of MERCYFUL FATE, who, as hopefully, most of know you, has played a significant role in our band history. Together with his bandmates King, Hank, Michael and Kim he greeted us with open arms in Denmark in 1984, let us use their rehearsal room, where we wrote songs for the album "Ride the Lightning", they lent us their equipment, showed us that Best of Copenhagen and became our 'partner in crime'. Over the years, we've spent countless incredible moments together, including an almost complete reunion at our Show for the 30th anniversary of METALLICA at Fillmore in 2011. And finally, as most of you know, we have 12 minutes in 1998 She recorded her most beautiful musical moments as track 'Mercyful Fate' on the "Garage Inc." album and enjoyed playing it occasionally with various members of the band over the years. Timi, thanks for the great memories and great moments! Rest in peace. "Timi Hansen made his cancer diagnosis public in early August after announcing that he will not participate in the reunion of MERCYFUL FATE 2020. He will be replaced by Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT, FATES WARNING).


Author: Mandy Malon

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