Rock Hard – MOB RULES: Amon Amarth Cover 'Raven's Flight' is online


15.11.2019, 14:28

MOB RULES shorten the wait until the next album with their cover version of the AMON AMARTH song 'Raven's Flight'.

Frontman Klaus Dirks explains how it came to the recordings of the track: "We just had the urge to try something new, experiment with other sounds and make a song that may also be untypical for us." MOB RULES toured in 2003 together with AMON AMARTH at the Wacken Road Show. Klaus recalls: "Every evening, when the guys hit the stage, the audience was completely turned upside down, and the band's power and enthusiasm was already impressive! We are always looking for challenges and found it important to have a current song instead of another old metal This is quite understandable as a kind of tribute to AMON AMARTH that has always remained true to their sound. "


Author: Alexandra Michels

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