Rock Hard – PINK CREAM 69: Dennis Ward leaves the band

PINK CREAM 69 bassist Dennis Ward announces his departure.

In a Facebook message to his fans Ward explains that he did not enjoy the shows of the hard rock band anymore and that he had thought about his departure for quite some time. The exit has nothing to do with its activities in other bands and projects: "It is time I made the official announcement of my exit at PINK CREAM 69. I have had a wonderful time in the past 32 years, in which I have so many fans I would like to thank all the guys, Alfred, Dave, Uwe and Chris, for years of fun and adventure, I hope they will carry on the legacy of PC69 and wish them lots of great concerts and musicals This exit is by no means a spontaneous decision, and many of you may have noticed that I have not been touring the band over the last few years (fortunately few shows), fortunately Roman Beselt was often able to step in. I have now been thinking about getting out for quite a while, but still holding it for no apparent reason, except that I'm not a big one n wanted to hit it with waves. My decision has nothing to do with my other activities at Gus G., MAGNUM or my studio work as a producer / engineer. I also have no problems with anyone in the band, I just did not enjoy the few shows we've played in recent years and felt uncomfortable on stage. I hope that's reason enough for all the curious. So let's all wish the boys a great future and please continue to support the band as much as possible! "Already a week ago, Ward told" Rockpages TV "his dissatisfaction with the current band situation:" PINK CREAM 69 still exists, but somehow not either. We are there. We may play two or three shows a year. We released an album not so long ago ("Headstrong", 2017), although I'm a little bit unhappy that we did so little with it, because I was really happy with the last album and we did not do anything about it to promote it. A little tour and that's it. What annoyed me, to be honest. (…) There is no life in PINK CREAM 69 at the moment. We have nothing to lose. It's not, so if the band broke up. It dissolves slowly, like the carbonic acid in your beer. It's still a beer, but it's less bubbly. "

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Author: Alexandra Michels

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