Rock Hard – POWERWOLF: New 'Kiss Of The Cobra King' Version Released


04.11.2019, 14:51

POWERWOLF celebrates its 15th anniversary with a re-recorded version of the "Return In Bloodred" classic 'Kiss Of The Cobra King'.

POWERWOLF commented on the 'Kiss Of The Cobra King' remake as follows: "To celebrate our 15th birthday, we decided to realize an idea that we have had for years – now it seemed the right time had come for it Birthday gift to ourselves and all the legions of the PW maniacs, we have re-arranged the 'Return In Bloodred' classic 'Kiss Of The Cobra King'. " Matthew Greywolf adds: "The song has always been one of our favorites and it was fun to transform the track into a track we would write in 2019. Actually, a completely new song has been created and we love it totally!" The new version of 'Kiss Of The Cobra King' is available as a CD single, 7 "single-picture vinyl (only available on EMP) and as a digital download. You can find the video clip for the track here:


Author: Ronny Bittner

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