Rock Hard – ROYAL HUNT: New concept album in progress


19.11.2019, 15:01

ROYAL HUNT are currently in the middle of the recording process of a new concept plate that will be released next year.

Most of the production will continue as usual at the NorthPoint Studio. Bassist / keyboardist André Andersen reveals about the 15th studio album of the Danish progressive hard rockers on the band's homepage: "The next ROYAL HUNT album is in the works, and although most of it is still in an" Somehow-controlled-chaos "- Condition is, I would say it's our biggest production yet … The amount of tracks is just overwhelming Yes, it's a concept album, yes, there are some special guests on it, and yes, it sounds like it's already in demo stage This thing huge (even by our standards) So do not worry: We are still there and still rock as hard – if not harder. "


Author: Alexandra Michels

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