Rock Hard – THE BLACK CROWES: Reunion Tour for the 30th "Shake Your Money Maker" Anniversary

THE BLACK CROWES will be touring US for the 30th anniversary of their debut album "Shake Your Money Maker" in 2020.

The two brothers Chris and Rich Robinson have settled their disputes and will bring the album to the stage for the anniversary in full length. Complete combo guitarist Isiah Mitchell, bassist Tim LeFebvre, drummer Ojha and keyboardist Joel Robinow. Chris comments, "I am thrilled and blessed to make music again with my brother and to celebrate the music we have written and to reunite our lives, long live Rock 'n' Roll and THE BLACK CROWES!" Rich Robinson adds, "First of all, I'm really happy to have my brother back in my life, and to make music together again and play the first album we recorded as kids is a gift." In an interview with "Rolling Stone" magazine, Chris reported that he had apologized to his brother Rich for his behavior five years ago, which helped dissolve the band. "I apologized for my anger and negativity and would like to think that I am a very nice person among all of them and that it was unfair to have attacked him," said Chris. "But I was trapped in a negative state, my marriage failed, I put all this effort into a band that I loved and the experiences I loved." In addition, the musician explains, "After 2013, I just had to go into the damn wilderness, I did not want to dance anymore, I did not want to sing anymore, I wanted to do something different, I wrote more songs, I just had to do that." Rich took the His brother's apologies, "because I knew what he had been through, everything came from sadness, stress and hurt, and that's life." When people behave the way they behave, they often do a lot of shit. "


Author: Alexandra Michels

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