Rock Hard – The rock hard app enters the 72nd round!


14.11.2019, 16:00

Now available is the free (!) 72nd edition of our app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, where you can expect the following highlights:

Cover Story with AVATARIUMInterviews with SUIDAKRA and RAISED FISTLocking Attack with RAGECrossfire with Simon Mengs (DESERTED FEAR) Blog for the 1989 cover story of the upcoming Rock Hard printoutPhotos for the concert by LACUNA COIL and ELUVITIE in OberhausenLive review from the STEEL PANTHER show in KölnTonezone: Interview with Frederic Leclercq (KREATOR) Current record, games, film and DVD reviewsPlus heaps of video clips and photosROCK HARD is the world's first rock and metal magazine to prepare a free app with journalistic content. Last but not least, we see the app as a free service for our regular readers. The ROCK HARD app is published monthly between two issues, you can download the current issue here: iOS: -hard / id616636030? mt = 8Android: are of course pleased with friendly reviews and referrals. A free app lives by the number of subscribers. We hope you enjoy the mobile digital ROCK HARD universe! EuerROCK HARD TEAM

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