Royals: Meghan, Kate, William, Harry and the Queen – United at the Remembrance Festival

Sunday, 10.11.2019
1:17 clock

For the first time in a long while, the royal family reappeared together – at the Remembrance Festival at the Royal Albert Hall in London, an event dedicated to the memory of British forces.


The focus, however, was the alleged family conflict at the Windsors: It was the first clash of Prince William and Harry and their wives Kate and Meghan for a long time. Between the couples, once celebrated as the "Fab Four" of the British royal family, it is known to be troublesome.

Meghan and Harry had last in a TV interview criticized the constant siege by the tabloid press and announced a break from royal obligations in the US. Harry had bluntly stated that his relationship with his older brother was clouded.

  A move that was allegedly not welcomed in the Windsor family who were programmed to complain.

And so the performance at the Royal Albert Hall will surely be deduced in the next few days: Why did the two young couples sit so far apart, how far apart they sat, which of the two women smiled more extensively, why did Meghan wear only one of them? traditional Poppy badge, but Kate three (the Queen even five?).

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