Scream 5: Continuation to come

 In 2015, Wes Craven died a true master of the horror genre. He became famous for cult hits like Scream. For a long time was left open when the fifth part of the series should appear. Craven wanted to personally take care of the film, but instead came before a series. But now the sequel is supposed to come after all.The site Bloody Disgusting specializes in everything to do with horror. If you compare her with Variety or Hollywood Reporter, she may not be an industry magazine. Nevertheless, she often has exclusive reports ready, which have turned out to be correct. Therefore, we believe our colleagues, when they say: After a long time back and forth, a new scream film is actually in work.
The production company Spyglass Media Group is already developing the next part. Many details are better but not yet known about the project. In any case, the main author of the series, Kevin Williamson, should not be involved again. It could also be a reboot on the way, as in Child's Play. This is the latest story about the killer doll Chucky.
So far, the development of the Scream sequel was still very halting. Originally, Wes Craven wanted to give Scream 4 a go-ahead for many more pieces. After all, there was still a lot the director wanted to tell about the Ghostface killer. Unfortunately, it did not work out as the fourth part did not appeal well to critics.
As series became more popular, Scream finally went into this format. But even in this case, the reactions and reviews left a lot to be desired. And then the right holder Weinstein Company went through the Weinstein scandal bankruptcy. So it was completely unclear how Scream should continue. Now fans are hoping that Spyglass film rights are in safe hands. We are curious to see if the company can bring the series back to fame and glory.
Source: Bloody Disgusting

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