Skilled labor shortage on Christmas Eve: Santa Clauses – scarce and expensive

              Saturday, November 30, 2019

              There is also a shortage of skilled workers during the Christmas season: If you want to book a man with a white beard for the 24th of December, you should hurry up. Especially in the north there is more demand than supply. Private agencies can charge high prices – especially for real noise beards.
              If you are looking for a Santa Claus for Christmas Eve, you have to hurry up and probably dig deep into your pocket. Nationwide, only a few employment agencies such as in Hanover or Bremen Santa Claus performers in their file. The gap is filled by private providers – for example, the bearer bearer in a red costume can be ordered online via the portal The Hamburg agency requires at least 169 euros net, a Santa Claus with real beard is available from 349 euros net. Petra Henkert, head of a Christmas office in Zeuthen near Berlin, sees the increased prices with concern. "Many families can not afford that," she said. Henkert himself mediates in the 20th year Santa Claus. "However, I do not want to go through certain developments," she emphasizes. A year ago, the Berlin Student Union had given up its Santa Claus mediation after almost 70 years, because hardly any students wanted to take over the costume job on the holidays. Santa Claus is missing everywhereThe skills shortage persists. Santa Claus is absent nationwide for the pre-Christmas season, and I am only writing about my refusal to go to Bassum, Gifhorn, even to Bulgaria, "said Willi Dahmen from Celle, who appears as Santa Claus himself and communicates with colleagues. The 67-year-old with the beard often poses in the summer with reindeer sleds for advertising. In his seminars, the offspring learns that smoking and smartphone are taboo in costume and should always be required before the gift a song or poem.This code of honor of the Santa Claus keep the mediated by the Hamburg agency performers, as owner Jan Biehl stresses. Otherwise, it is based entirely on the customer requirements, the additional charge additional accessories such as bell, throne or even a reindeer can book. The comparatively high prices for the performances would also have to do with the fact that the performers with a real beard demanded high fees, said Biehl.Weihnachtliches north-south divideThe labor agencies Hanover and Bremen, which mediate for decades Santa and angels, stands on the other hand, the money not in the foreground. He wanted to remember the origin of the festival, says cast Wolfram Wallrabenstein at a meeting with colleagues in the city of Lower Saxony. The 78-year-old enjoys the special atmosphere of the mess, the tense expectation of the children. "It's great to be the most important person in the family for fifteen minutes." Their fees do not betray the presents conveyed by the employment office in Hanover, but the labor agency Bremen is transparent. Because of the increased feed costs, the reindeer union had enforced for the first time after eight years, a moderate increase in the tariff, the authority said. In the city of Bremen, the visit of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve now costs 40 euros and 45 euros in the district of Osterholz. The Jobvermittlung Bremerhaven is still looking for new talent, who "can not bring even by oblique recorder play from the rest." According to the German Student Union, only three local works convey student Santa Claus – in Freiberg and Dresden in Dresden and in Siegen. In the city of North Rhine-Westphalia, only very few students are willing to take on the job in costume. In the South, Christkind and Nicholas are more common anyway. However, performances by the Holy Man are not booked as often. The Munich recruitment agency "", for example, has closed its Christmas service for private customers this year after more than 15 years.

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