Sonic Movie: New Shitstorm due to Sonic's Voice

 The video game adaptation Sonic: The Hedgehog has a hard time behind him. After fans were so dissatisfied with the design of Sonic that they went on the Internet on the barricades, the main character had to be visually adapted. Now the look is better, as you can see in the trailer under this text, but German fans start the next boycott in the social networks. A few days ago, the revised trailer was released to Sonic The Hedgehog. The first trailer was already completed some time ago, but the strong reactions of the audience made sure that the design of the video game character Sonic had to be changed. So Sonic was too much humanized on the first try, which in the end made Sonic look almost ridiculous. The creators of the film gave way and changed the design. Now the new trailer with the revised Sonic has been uploaded and international fans are thrilled. Sonic finally looks like in the video games and the movie was saved.
German fans, however, see this differently. In the German version of the film and thus also in the new trailer Sonic is set to music by YouTuber Julien Bam. The synchronization is relatively bad at least in the trailer and many fans wonder why not just use the voice of voice actor Marc Stachel. He spoke the supersonic hedgehog in all video games. Social networking, especially on YouTube and Twitter, sparked a renewed shitstorm in which people complained about Julien Bam's achievement and the idea of ​​using an influencer instead of a professional voice actor. The opinions are so consistent that almost all comments of the German trailer address this topic.
It remains to be seen if the German team behind Sonic The Headgehog will speak with them. Now that the fans have changed the design of the popular video game character, they also need a different voice. Sonic The Hedgehog is expected to hit theaters on April 21, 2020.
Sources: YouTube, Twitter

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