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 The future of Spider-Man was last considered uncertain. Now, however, Disney and Sony have agreed on the provisional whereabouts of the hero. Where Spider-Man ultimately remains is still unclear, but it is certain that at least two Marvel films with Peter Parker appear. First, it was said that Sony and Disney could not agree. The rights to Spider-Man owns Sony and therefore Marvel fans were particularly sad that Spider-Man had to leave the MCU. But in the end, the two companies were able to agree. Spider-Man will remain in the MCU for two more movies. One of the two films will be Spider-Man 3 and the other a project with several superheroes. It would be quite possible that a kind of Avengers 5 comes to the cinemas. But since the Avengers are dead, retired, or disappeared, it is more likely that Spider-Man will perform alongside a new generation of heroes. When this second film will be released is still unclear.
Fans of the Marvel Spider-Man films can look forward to Spider-Man 3. The successor of Spider-Man: Far From Home is expected to come on July 16, 2021 in the American cinemas. A German theatrical release is not yet known, but the date is likely to be in June 2021. For fans of the spider man it says after that but not say goodbye. Spider-Man will continue to appear in Sony's films.
The company is currently planning to expand its Spider verses including Venom, Morbius and a new Madame web movie. Spider-Man could then possibly even meet his enemies in the cinema. Since no exact details of the future Spider-Mans was made known, can be speculated so far only. The statement by Marvel boss Kevin Feige that Spider-Man still offers some surprises for the spectators, does not take the wind out of the sails of the rumors and speculation.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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