Spider-Man: A New Universe – Continuation Comes

 Spider-Man: A New Universe became a huge success in 2018. The film not only earned a decent box office, but also won the Oscar for Best Animated Film. Not surprisingly, a sequel has now been officially confirmed. In Spider-Man: A New Universe, teenager Miles Morales is bitten by a radioactive spider and develops similar powers as Peter Parker. As he dies in a fight, Miles Morales decides to become the new Spider-Man. At the grave of Peter Parker, Miles meets a Peter Parker from another dimension, who begins to train him as a spider man. In the course of the film, many more Spider-Mans from various dimensions are presented. This trend should also be continued in the sequel. A first trailer indicates various new heroes.
After the cartoon adventure of Spider-Man convinced both critics and fans, a sequel was almost certain. Now this was officially confirmed. Along with the announcement, a ten-second teaser was released showing the Spider-Man logo. This flashes in a variety of colors and could thus a few new heroes. The colors of the logo match the outfits of other Spider-Mans. Also in the sequel, the most different heroes will meet again. Whether ultimately 18 new heroes for the 18 different color combinations are shown is unclear. The only certainty is that Miles Moralses Spider-Man will be back in focus. Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man 2099 are likely to play a major role again.
The new Spider Verse movie was announced for April 8, 2022. A German launch date is not yet known, but the first movie even appeared a day earlier than in the US. Still, fans have to wait over two years for new adventures from Miles Morales.

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