Spides: First Trailer for the new sci-fi series from Berlin

 In Spides, the German capital is the scene of a grim conspiracy that blurs the boundaries between good and evil. Lead actress Rosabell Laurenti Sellers ("Game of Thrones") reveals in the brand new science fiction series how aliens infiltrate the population. SYSY shows the eight episodes of Spides exclusively from March 2020. Spides follows Nora (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers), a young woman from Berlin, who wakes up after taking the party drug "Blis" without a memory of her former life from the coma. Investigators David Leonhart (Falk Hentschel) and Nique Navar (Florence Kasumba) trace the trail of the mysterious drug and connect with numerous missing teenagers. Gradually, Nora realizes what's happening to her and she begins to uncover an incredible conspiracy: aliens use the synthetic drug to infiltrate people and use their bodies as hosts. The closer Nora gets to the truth, the more her own dark secret comes to light. Because she is the key to the invasion she is trying to fight.
In addition to Rosabell Laurenti Sellers ("Game of Thrones"), Falk Hentschel ("Legends of Tomorrow", "Marvel's Agent of SHIELD") and Florence Kasumba ("Avengers", "Black Panther", "crime scene") in the lead roles are in Spides: Désirée Nosbusch ("Bad Banks"), Damian Hardung ("The Name of the Rose", "Red Ribbon Club"), Francis Fulton-Smith ("The Mirror Affair"), Susanne Wuest ("Perfume "), Aleksandar Jovanovic (" Tatort "," Dr Who ") and Harvey Friedman (" Sense8 "). Other performers include Lion-Russel Baumann ("SOKO Stuttgart"), Alain Blazevic ("Renegade's Mission of Honor"), Anna Bullard ("SOKO Stuttgart"), Artjom Gilz ("100 Things"), Lilli Hollunder ("The Outpost "), Kimberly Leemans (" The Walking Dead "," Nashville "), Branko Tomovic (" Homeland "," 24 ") and Mathis Wernecke (" Police Call 110 ").
Spides is a series from Palatin Media by executive producer Bernd Schlötterer. Spides was produced by Katapult Filmproduktion and Red Sun Films in co-production with Palatin Media. Nevision, Aventine Film, Baby Giant Hollyberg and Do not Panic Production are other co-producers. Rainer Matsutani ("The Inferno – Flames over Berlin", "Only Over My Dead Body") acted as Showrunner, Alexander Kiening as Producer with Bernd Schlötterer, James Cabourne, Wolfgang Behr, Daniel von Braun and Heiko Nemmert as Executive Producers. Spides was sponsored by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. World Sales is with Palatin Media.
Sending Note: The eight episodes of Spides will be available exclusively on SYFY from March 2020.

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