Stephan Brandner: Legal Committee appoints AfD politician as chairman

Wednesday, 13.11.2019
09:46 clock

Stephan Brandner (AFD) is no longer Chairman of the Legal Committee in the Bundestag. The CDU / CSU, SPD, FDP, Greens and Left MPs decided that on Wednesday morning in their committee meeting.


The chairman has now taken over Brandner's previous deputy Heribert shepherd (CSU). The leadership of the Legal Committee is the AfD, but the party has decided not to propose a new committee chair for the time being.

Subsequently, the leaders of several parties to the Committee on Legal Affairs issued short statements. Marco Buschmann explained for the FDP faction, Brandner was for the office "not suitable". Brandner's criticism that his dismissal was unlawful, Buschmann called wrong. The abolition is the first time in 70 years of parliamentary history, she but "undisputed".

  Deputy Defense Policy spokesman for the Union faction, Jan-Marco Luczak, said: "Brandner's recall is a clear signal against incitement and hatred – we're finally giving the office back its dignity."

Before the decisive meeting Brandner presented himself as a victim of the "old parties" – a derogatory term that right-wing populists of the AfD use for all political parties, except for their own.

  The AfD politician from Thuringia had, inter alia, triggered outrage with his reactions to the terrorist attack in Halle and filed a complaint in the Bundestag. Most recently, he denigrated the award of the Federal Cross of Merit to the AfD-critical musician Udo Lindenberg as a "Judas wage".

  Previously, the 53-year-old lawyer had already provoked outrage with his reactions to the terrorist attack in Halle with two dead and several injured. The deputies of all factions except the AfD Brandner finally declared unacceptable and asked him to resign, but this refused. Thereupon, they decided to cancel the election after the Bundestag's Rules Committee had previously stated that this was permissible under the very vague rules.

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