Stranger Things Season 4: Four new characters join the series

 It has just been announced that the mystery series Stranger Things is the most successful series of the streamreamer Netflix. That's why it's not surprising that the fourth season is already in progress. Now, first details of four new characters have become known. Stranger Things now has three squadrons, in which the youth of the town of Hawkins get to the bottom of the supernatural phenomena in the area. They received support from Mother Joyce Byers and Police Chief Jim Hopper. In the first season, the group had to deal with American scientists who caused a crack in the dimensions from which monster-like creatures fled into the real world. But with the help of Elfie, a girl with supernatural powers, both the monsters and the scientists could be defeated. Even in the two following seasons, it was not quiet in the small American town, so mixed in the last of the Russians in the affairs.
In the new season, the actions will no longer take place in Hawkins. Instead, there are currently speculations about several new locations in the series. So the next season could also play in Russia, where played the last scene of the third season. Also about the fate of some characters is wildly discussed on the Internet. Especially Jim Hopper, who sacrificed himself at the end of the third season, is a sensitive topic. So his body was not found and some fans assume that he could have survived. It will take a long time until we know the details, the fourth season of the series will probably not be in 2020 anymore.
Now, however, new details for some new figures were known. So is looking for some actors. Three male teenagers and one adult male are to be cast. Whom the four actors could play is still unclear. The only thing that's for sure is that fans are eagerly awaiting the fourth season of Stranger Things. The shooting of the fourth season is scheduled to begin in January and the season is therefore likely to appear in early to mid-2021.

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