Stranger Things Season 4: So many episodes has the season

 The mystery series Stranger Things is the most successful Netflix series ever. It's no wonder that the Duffer brothers continue after the end of the third season. Here you will learn how many episodes will have the fourth season and when it is expected to continue. The story of the young people of the town of Hawkins thrilled the audience around the world. With 64 million viewers, Netflix's Stranger Things is the most successful streaming service series. Only the films Bird Box and Murder Mystery were seen by Netflix customers more often. What counts is content on Netflix, which was streamed more than 70 percent. Early dropouts do not count in the statistics. After the third season was a huge success, it was only a matter of time until the series would go into another extension.
Now some details about the new season Stranger Things have become known. The fact that another sequel to the Mystery series was ordered at all, had been clear for several weeks, but now it was also known how many episodes will contain the fourth season and when the shooting will begin. From this it can also be deduced when the expected final season of the series will start. So it became known that the fourth season Stranger Things will contain eight episodes. It's got as many as Season One and Three. Only season two had one more with nine episodes. What previously worked successfully, is now tried again.
The news that shooting is set to start in January 2020 unfortunately shows that Stranger Things Season 4 will not be released one year after the third season. The third season of the series was released in the summer of 2019. Season 4 is expected to wait until 2021. Whether the time of publication again fits the season in the season, is not yet known.

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