Suicide of Robert Enke: DFB psychologist Hans-Dieter Heimann talks about depression in football

SPIEGEL: Mr. Hermann, when do you start worrying about
Hermann: Especially if I have a strong negative
Change of personality or behavior of the person about a something
SPIEGEL: On 10 November 2009, national goalkeeper Robert
Enke suicide. You were already team psychologist of the national team, you have
Hermann: At first not, but as an undefined one with him
Fatigue syndrome has been detected and in the media about an unknown
Viral disease was speculated, I started to worry. There
I knew that I have to ask. And I did that – at the beginning of September
2009.SPIEGEL: What happened then? Hermann: Robert was due to his
Health status at the September 2009 internationals not in the squad. I
but had him to us in the sports school Barsinghausen near Hannover
invited and told him that it would be quite possible that behind one
such tiredness could also be depressed. I offered him
to support him and for him to contact a psychotherapist
manufacture. But Robert replied that I was completely on the
Wood path is. That he and his wife had adopted a child again. He said:
"Life is just wonderful."

SPIEGEL: Today we know that he wanted to protect himself.Hermann: I did not want to press him at that time, that would have
not helped either. It was the last time I saw him. SPIEGEL: How did you learn about his death?

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